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The Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) is proud to present the 2019 National Outdoor Recreation Conference, Storytelling in Outdoor Recreation: People, Places, Landscapes, Cultures. Storytelling creates connections by providing meaning and context for our individual and shared experiences. How we spend time outdoors, the places we recreate, the landscapes we cherish, and the importance of place are all guided by our personal and cultural experiences. As diverse as these may be, we are unified in our profession by our love of the outdoors and our passion to protect and maintain quality outdoor opportunities and experiences.

The Program Subcommittee is seeking innovative projects, successful ventures, and established programs that center on one or more of our storytelling elements, including:

  • People – diverse spectrum of participants, with varying levels of expertise and reasons for recreation outside.
  • Places – specific sites or areas where the public enjoys one or more types of outdoor recreation.
  • Landscapes – general region that provides context and opportunities for rewarding outdoor recreation experiences.
  • Cultures – the characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time. This may refer to indigenous cultures, more recent settlement (e.g., Western cultures), or the social practices associated with a specific recreation activity (e.g., hikers, mountain bikers, paddlers, anglers).

Powerful storytelling provokes thought, emotions, and inspiration using a variety of mediums (e.g., spoken and written words, music and video, art). It evokes emotions and helps increase the perceived value of an activity, resource, or place. The Program Subcommittee is particularly interested in efforts that use storytelling as a vehicle to advance and/or are used in the implementation of projects, programs, research efforts, initiatives, or policy development centered on one or more of the elements listed above. For example, storytelling may be used to explain a core mission or strategies for the future. It may be used to better align people and cultures around a shared vision or belief. Or storytelling may convey the history and legacy of an area or activity in the hopes of inspiring a new generation of caretakers for our cherished public landscapes.

The Program Subcommittee will review and evaluate all proposals on their relevance to the overall conference theme, ability to touch on multiple thematic elements and perspectives, clearly stated learning objectives, and inclusion of practical applications. 

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The deadline for award nominations is December 7, 2018.

Each year the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) presents the Individual Service Award to recipients who have made significant and lasting contributions to the outdoor recreation profession. The award may recognize one specific contribution or a series of contributions over one’s career. Evaluation criteria include:

1) Employment as an outdoor recreation professional

2) Outstanding and impactful contributions to a community (local, regional, or national), resource, or the outdoor recreation profession. This may include teaching, training, planning, management, research, policy development, administration, budgeting and finance, legal analysis, writing, publishing, leadership, problem-solving, innovation, and/or creativity.

3) Originality and relevance

4) Sustainable impact

SORP will present the awards at the 2019 National Outdoor Recreation Conference.

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The deadline for award nominations is December 7, 2018.

Each year the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) presents the Project Excellence Award to exemplary outdoor recreation projects. The award is presented to the collaborating agencies and organizations key to the success of the planning effort.  Selection criteria include:

1. Unique or special circumstances including breadth of the planning area

2. Demonstrated problem-solving, transferability, and adaptability

3. Level of innovation and creativity

4. Sustainable impact of the Project

5. Collaboration (stakeholder engagement, community outreach, joint planning)

Statewide recreation plans (such as SCORP Plans) are now recognized under the Project Excellence category. An organization (office) is limited to one nomination per year. 

 SORP will present the awards at the 2019 National Outdoor Recreation Conference

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