Purpose of the Scholarship 

The Christopher K. Jarvi Scholarship to Advance Partnerships was created to help dedicated professionals explore ways to enrich existing and new and more partnerships into their work to benefit and bring value to parks, public lands, and the communities that host them.

Learning about partnerships and developing skills is an iterative process: the more one learns and practices, the greater the innovation and partner engagement in all aspects of recreation and parks.

The concept and practice of partnering will change as the needs of parks and recreation professionals evolve. This scholarship encourages applications to take the practice of partnerships to the next level.


Chris wanted this scholarship to be open to all parks and recreation professionals working in the field who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in the practice of partnering for effective delivery of services and improvement of the communities they serve. Agencies are not eligible to apply, only individuals may apply. An IRS Form 1099 will be issued for the amount of your scholarship.

Expectations of Applicants

The Scholarship Committee challenges applicants to be creative in seeking and gaining the knowledge and experiences to improve their partnering skills. While state and national recreation-oriented conferences are invaluable, the Committee encourages requests to choose workshops, conferences or training sessions that are in fields such as health, insurance, community development, art, or other industries and fields where partnerships could be leveraged to serve parks and recreation programs and interests. The Committee especially encourages applicants to learn more about philanthropy and planned giving, fields that are certain to deliver long-term results for parks and recreation efforts. Online or in-person programs are equally eligible.

Range and Number of Awards

Scholarships range from $500-$1,500 and 10-15 scholarships will be awarded each year. Scholarship awards may be used over the 18 months following the award. This will ensure that scholarship recipients are able to attend the training, workshop, conference, program or activity of interest and that the scholarship will fit the needs of any budgeting cycle or matching funds that may be available.

Society of Outdoor Recreation Planners (SORP)